Today we are excited to announce that the trackable link is available on Campaygn!

What is the new feature trackable link ?

Instagram has a real desire to intensify the social selling approach with the launch of multiple new features/tabs dedicated to shopping and it is a good timing because today you will be able to track Instagram swipe up links on Campaygn!

The Instagram swipe-up link is a very engaging feature because it allows brands to generate traffic and sales on their eshops easily. …

What is the audience overlap ?

The audience overlap allows you to compare different audiences at once and see the actual share of unique followers that overlap among those audiences. With this, you will know exactly the percentage of unique followers you will reach with your campaign. This is what we call the effective reach and this is a new qualitative and key KPI to consider.

Understanding this metric of audience overlap helps to get maximum impact when running your campaigns and improve your ROI.

Why is this metric is so important for your influencer campaign?

Audience overlap is a great factor that helps in accounting for the deduplication between influencer profiles and obtain a realistic identification…

Most of us have been using the well known influencer marketing KPIs (reach, impressions, interactions, engagement, EMV…). While these KPIs are still in use and relevant, new and more accurate metrics are now available to track the ROI of your influencer marketing campaigns and activities.

1. True reach & brand affinity scoring

The number one KPI in influencer marketing and the one that usually shapes influencers’ fees is Reach. It shows the potential amount of unique visitors who will see the content posted at least once. But have you looked at “true reach”?

An influencer with 2 million followers could look great, but if the share of…

Over 65% of influencers have fake follower activity and in 2020, brands will waste over $1B on investing on fake audiences.

Fake followers are not a surprise anymore, and today brands must tackle this challenge with the help of tools and technology.

With Campaygn, our influencer marketing platform, we are working hard to always provide key indicators to help brands identify fake accounts.

Take a look at our 4 tips to spot fake followers on Campaygn :

1/ Watch credibility score

Thanks to our powerful algorithm, we have the capacity to analyze follower accounts and calculate a credibility score which…

For the past two years, TikTok has been the social platform with the greatest growth and success, especially during the last 6 months as the app has become the most downloaded app globally.

If we look at the last figures of downloads and revenues of the platform in the first months of 2020, the performance is impressive:

  • 800 million monthly active loyal users across the globe (not far from Instagram with its 1 billion users)
  • +112 million downloads in May 2020
  • + $456.7 million in revenue

TikTok is also well known as THE app of the GenZs, with 41% of…

Antoine Laurent

CTO of Ykone and Head of Campaygn

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