Campaygn is now TikTok friendly

For the past two years, TikTok has been the social platform with the greatest growth and success, especially during the last 6 months as the app has become the most downloaded app globally.

If we look at the last figures of downloads and revenues of the platform in the first months of 2020, the performance is impressive:

  • 800 million monthly active loyal users across the globe (not far from Instagram with its 1 billion users)
  • +112 million downloads in May 2020
  • + $456.7 million in revenue

TikTok is also well known as THE app of the GenZs, with 41% of TikTok users aged between 16 to 24 years old and roughly 50% of the users below the age of 34.

Based on those impressive figures, many brands took the opportunity and have started to build campaigns with TikTok influencers to connect with their highly engaged and young audience.

As an innovative platform and because we wish to support our clients best on their influencer campaigns, we are extremely proud and excited to announce that from today TikTok is fully integrated on Campaygn.

From the search engine to identify the best profiles to the monitors to track all the campaign posts and get ROI, the platform will help the brands to manage and run all their TikTok projects with influencers.

Please take some time to discover all the features and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

1/Access to our extensive database of 1M+ profiles

TikTok profiles accessible from our database

To help you to identify the best TikTok talents to partner with, we give you the opportunity to search into our 1M+ database.
All accounts worldwide with more than 10K followers are now searchable on Campaygn.

All the filters available to target the right profiles

To target the right profiles, you can use many filers as :
- location
- gender
- followers count
- engagement rate
- topics
- audience’s location, gender and age

And some good news, the database will continue to grow as we update it everyday with each new profile created on TikTok.

2/Check key and valuable KPI’s on every profile

Followers growth on same account on Instagram and TikTok

We provide the key KPIs as followers growth, engagement rate, media value or content analysis daily fetched and updated from TikTok for each profile.

Content feed of TikTok profiles with dedicated KPI’s figures

3/Analyze audience stats on each account

Audience stats of same account on Instagram and TikTok

We give you also the opportunity to analyze audience stats of every profiles and compare with other platform as Instagram, especially to identify where the young audience is.

4/Track all the TikTok posts of your campaign and calculate precise ROI!

TikTok post of Amanda Cerny and related performance on Campaygn

Campaygn will give you the possibility to track all the TikTok posts of your campaign and provide you key KPIs as reach, impression, ER, interactions and Media Value to calculate the precise ROI of your projects.

Campaign channel split performance

Are you interested to launch and track your next influencer campaign on TikTok? Please contact our Campaygn team now !

CTO of Ykone and Head of Campaygn