We are introducing a new killer feature : the audience overlapping

What is the audience overlap ?

The audience overlap allows you to compare different audiences at once and see the actual share of unique followers that overlap among those audiences. With this, you will know exactly the percentage of unique followers you will reach with your campaign. This is what we call the effective reach and this is a new qualitative and key KPI to consider.

Understanding this metric of audience overlap helps to get maximum impact when running your campaigns and improve your ROI.

Why is this metric is so important for your influencer campaign?

Audience overlap is a great factor that helps in accounting for the deduplication between influencer profiles and obtain a realistic identification of the audience and achieve your marketing goals.

Don’t waste your time and money paying for two (or more) ad sets that fight for the same audience attention. When you get to know your audience better, you get better results for your content!

2 strategies for 2 objectives

Awareness: diversification of audience is key
If you’re looking for awareness, you will need to focus your campaign on a team of influencers with an audience rating closest to 100%.

This allows you to make the right choice of your influencer marketing strategy and to remove certain influencers with similar audience from the squad in a forecasting process.

Conversion: Get the message repeated
In the logic of social selling, and therefore sales to a specific target, choosing a crew of influencers with a similar audience would give the opportunity to brands to increase their sales.

The more visible the product is to the same audience, the more it will stay in peoples’ minds. After seeing it 3, 4 or 5 times, it will raise their interest and further influencer their buying decision.

Campaygn helps brands to get their audience overlap.
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