We are now tracking conversion on Campaygn!

Today we are excited to announce that the trackable link is available on Campaygn!

What is the new feature trackable link ?

Instagram has a real desire to intensify the social selling approach with the launch of multiple new features/tabs dedicated to shopping and it is a good timing because today you will be able to track Instagram swipe up links on Campaygn!

The Instagram swipe-up link is a very engaging feature because it allows brands to generate traffic and sales on their eshops easily. Now, you have the possibility to track swipe-up links that are included in the influencers Instagram stories and know the total number of clicks generated by its audience.

How it works?

A link for each influencer has to be generated in Monitors and over your ongoing campaign, you will be able to analyze the number of clicks obtained by each influencer. This new feature is a great opportunity to measure “sales conversion” rates for an Influencers campaign.

Once each influencer has integrated the link in their story, the data will be available in two places in the monitor. The first place is in the Influencers Performances: a column will highlight the number of clicks generated by each influencer

Why brands should integrate a link inside Instagram stories in their influencer campaigns ?

Used in different ways like to promote its own content (publications, Reels, IGTVs, Instagram Shopping), to share promotional content but also to promote e-shop links, Stories and swipe-up links have an important place in influencer campaigns.

The swipe-up link is a veritable call-to-action, with a few stories, a great story telling, a creative content and a swipe up link, the community will be curious to discover what’s behind that swipe up link.

By having qualitative and engaging influencers in your campaign and integrating the swipe up link in the stories, be sure to get positive results : boost traffic, engage a community and increase awareness.

Campaygn helps brands to measure conversion though influencer activation.
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